Sunday, 13 August 2017

Combinations of things.

You know how you attach certain scents, memories, places or images with books and stories? I love how brains work like that - how it puts two different things in the same category and context; how it juggles with smell and weather and words. It's amazing. Like, The Help is yellow and lemons and the sound of a typewriter. Celia Garth and Violins of Autumn take me back to summer 2015 in Switzerland, the green shutters in the house we were staying at, and the dew on the grass in the morning. Eve's Daughters is me crying in bed and imagining the characters' smiles and the colour purple of the cover. The Book Thief is Christmas holidays, and my bedroom when the bed was at the other side of the room. On the banks of plum creek is lemonade and my old bed sheets with the pink and salmon-coloured hearts on it. Remembrance by Theresa Breslin reminds me of my old bedroom in the attic and Back Home by Michelle Magorian gives me memories of cute lamps, nylons, and my second cousin Rebekah. The Story Girl is me wishing so bad I could dive in it; and it's the colour of gold and the taste of orchard apples. Rilla of Ingleside is an emotional soundtrack like the Kings Speech soundtrack and late nights. Sense and Sensibility is grandma and my old pink diary. That chapter in Hebrews (Hebrews 11) about faith reminds me of strawberries for breakfast and talking about it on grey sofas with five friends. While We're Far Apart by Lynn Austin is dark red and chocolate and watching trailers of Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland movies on youtube. The Sweetest Thing is light green and mental images of 1930 dresses. Gone with the Wind is dark hallways and mirrors and spring. Man, I love how there are so many combinations of things.

Saturday, 12 August 2017


No introduction; I'll just start. :-)

MovieCritic asked:

Who is your role model?
Jesus. ("No, I meant earthly role models." "Still Jesus." "No, but ASIDE from..." "oh ok ok." *silence* "Still Jesus.")

Do you have any allergies?
I probably am, to something I'll never find out. (Like pelicans. Or ardvarks. Or whatever.)

Jessica Prescott asked:

How many books do you currently own? 
THIS IS TOO MUCH MATHS FOR ME. I don't feel like coutingggg. (OK, last time I counted it was 228, so let's make it 230. :-))

What is your absolute favorite type of candy, and why? 
I'm not a candy person; I've never really had a favourite one, also because I've never really eaten much. (So healthy with my homeschool regime.) (I prefer chocolate.)

Name a book (NOT Rilla of Ingleside or The Blue Castle :-P) which you'd like to adapt into a movie. Who would you cast and how would you frame the story? Etc. 
NOT Rilla of Ingleside?! Phew. I'll try to answer this question. Probably a Lynn Austin book; but it would ABSOLUTELY NOT be allowed to be a cheesy stereotypical Christian movie. The Refiners Fire Series would make literally the most epic miniseries (can I get an amen?! I mean can you imagine how amazing that would be). Michael Fassbender should definitely be Dr James McGrath (is that his last name?) otherwise I haven't go any particular actors or actresses in mind. (They have to look the people on the cover, haha.) This collage I made of 'Fire by Night' would be how I would want the movie to look like.

Current favorite piece of clothing: what does it look like and why are you so fond of it?
Green shorts. Green. Like olive green. Sort of thin material. Comfy as pyjamas and also cutesy and boho-y. Thus why I like it.

What's the farthest you've ever traveled from home? 
The divi - united states of America; last year.

Related: Pick two places you've never visited but you really, really want to see. 
Oh, nice question. Rome (because of Roman Holiday) and Israel (because how cool would it be to be on the Mount of Olives and in the Red Sea and everything.)

If you could design your own shoes, what would they look like? 
Probably a nice pair of brown leather sandals - the kind with loads of Roman-esque straps. I've seen gals wear them on instagram and I like them. :-P

Pets: Thoughts? (have you ever had any, would you like to have any, etc.) 
I can't even tell you how not a pet person I am. I would never choose to have any. They're just too much work for what they are - and I just don't attach myself to animals. I don't know why. I just don't. 

Jillian asked:

What do you imagine was L.M. Montgomery's favorite book, & why? {Totally going for creativity & guessing here.}
Your questions are always so creative; I love 'em. I think I knew the answer to that question once! Can't remember now though. But I'm guessing maybe the Emily books because there is  LOT in those books from Maud's life as a girl herself; I definitely think that out of all her heroines, she saw herself the most in Emily.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I'm not really a shoe-guru. Right now, four (not counting my winter stuff.) (+my beloved flip flops.)

Would you rather be Anne Shirley or Diana Barry's best friend?
THAT'S HARD. I'm more like Anne so maybe I'll go take her example and be best buds with Diana? But wouldn't it be more... fun... to be Anne's bestie? I'll take Anne. Although I'd probably get sick of her chatter. :-P

If you could visit any city in the world that you've never visited, which city would you choose & why? If you want, you may time travel & visit a city in the past!
"If I want." I want. :-P
Oh, I'd go Israel in the time of Jesus. This was easier than I thought it would be.

While you are time travelling, what person in the past would you HAVE to visit & exchange a casual hello with? Possibly this person will be kind enough to shake your hand!
See above answer. (I just love Him.) (And He would be kind enough.)
(Also, it would be fun to meet my grandparents as teens. LIKE HOW WEIRD WOULD THAT BE.)

What's your favorite period/place in history, & also expand on that would you?
I love the Edwardian Era on Prince Edwards Islands. Do I need to expand? ;-)

Please share a random picture of a pretty dress. That's not a question unless you say it with an inflection at the end.
It is a command, my dear, and I shall take it. Thank you for asking. *goes to fashion board on Pinterest*

Eva asked:

What's your absolute favorite Bible verse of all time?
I can't answer this at all so I'll just give you ONE OF MY all-time favourites. "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." -2 Tim 1:7 / This verse was given to me as 'my verse for 2017' at youth group and I take it with me in this year; I want to take it with me as I go to college. It gives me a lot of confidence.

Who was your first fictional character crush? Who's your latest?
(Ohhh Hunter Hayes just started singing Wanted. Ahh.) (Excuse me, I'm listening to music and this song makes me so nostalgic.) First fictional crush? That's so hard; I can't remember! Maybe Peter from Heidi haha. Or Albert in Little House. Latest? Luke Ansell in Celia Garth. Man, he knows how to woo.

Lemons, oranges, or limes?
Oranges, fo sure.

Do you use the Oxford Comma?
Yes, yes, and yes.

Pride & Prejudice or The Blue Castle?
TOTALLY DEPENDS ON MY MOOD. Do not ask me this. Please please please. I thought we were friends, Eva. :-P

Miss Meg asked:

If you could meet a famous singer (anybody from Josh Groban to Carrie Underwood to Sutton Foster), who would you choose?
*thinks real hard* Because I just watched Newsies; Jeremy Jordan. Although I have no idea what I'd say to him. Like yeah, he knows he sings amazingly.

(On that note) If you could sing a duet with any famous singer, who would you choose?
Who wouldn't make me feel like a bad singer? Haha. Maybe someone like the Owl City guy? His songs are quite easy to sing and they're catchy. (I've been listening to a lot of Owl City lately. I know, I discover artists late.)
(Was the "on that note" a pun? IT WAS GOOD, even if it might have been unintended!)

If you could take dance lessons, what type of dance would you choose? 
TAP. I want to tap dance so bad. (OR SWING.)

Can you raise both your eyebrows individually? :P
I wish. And yes I know YOU can. Don't rub it in. 

What are 3 things on your bucket list that you would do RIGHT NOW?
1. Visit blogging fwends.
2. Eat pizza every day for a week.
3. Own a professional camera.
(Yes, I just picked three random ones. :-))

Rachel asked:

If you had the chance to meet an celebrity, who would you love to meet?
Is Queen Elisabeth a celebrity? Meeting her would be an honour Indeed.

Your favourite dress from a Period Drama?
I'm going to pick one; one of my favourites. :-) (I still haven't seen The Crown, but Margaret's pink number in this picture is so pretty it makes me drool.)

Would you rather play a role in a movie or in a theater play?
Theater. Yes, it's more nervewracking, but it's way more magical. (I speak as if I have experience haha. Cute, Naomi.)

If there was a role available in a new adaption of one of Jane Austen's writings, which character would you play?
Oh, fun question! I don't want a new Emma because the 2009 is the best and no-one can beat Romola Garai but I do think it would be fun to play Emma.

Which Downton Abbey character do you feel you have the most common with?
Once again, I find myself without an answer. I like to think Sybil, or Anna (I got Anna in two personality quizzes actually, so Anna maybe?) - I also have some Dowager Countess in me. I certainly flatter myself.

Would you rather live at the countryside or seaside?
Seaside. In the countryside. Hey, it's possible. :-P

Rather go to a fancy diner with a beautiful dress, or visit a barnparty with your best friends and family?
I can't believe I'm saying this because my ten-year-old-self would feel so betrayed, but I care so much less about dressing up than I used to. I just want to spend time with people I love. And I have some really good memories of barnparties, so yes, barnparty in a heartbeat.

Gwyn May asked:

which L. M. Montgomery Character would you most wish to BE?
I want to be meee. :-P Ok, I think I'd be happy to be Valancy Snaith. Cute husband, cute home.

do you have a favourite Disney Princess movie?
After watching that new Beauty and the Beast movie; THAT.

who's wardrobe would you steal if you could? (a past or present celebrity, or movie/tv character)
Ehhhh there's so many good ones! Right now I love Marguerite's wardrobe in a 100 foot journey. Or the youtuber Dodie Clark's wardrobe is adorable too.

what movies are you aching to watch at the moment?
Dowton Abbey season 7. Oh wait, that doesn't exist. (Also Dunkirk.)

do you like Celtic Woman music (besides their Christmas stuff)?

Ekaterina asked:

What is your favorite book to movie adaptation?
P&P95. ;-)

What type of music do you listen to most of the time?
Let's just call it classy popular music. Such as Michael Buble, Owl City, Carrie Underwood. Which, yeah might cover a wide range of music types.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
There's a lot, but one of my favourites is watching the Queen's speech at 4 o'clock. I always feel very British when doing so, haha.

Esther Eckstine asked...

Do you get sidetracked easily?
Quite easily; I can focus on one subject, but I can squirrle off into other branches and subjects quite well too. Especially in emails and journal entries. (ESPECIALLY journal entries.) 

Why is your favourite author your favourite author?
Lucy Maud Montgomery is my favourite author because she just PULLS OFF whimsical and witty like no-one else and she is so crazy unique I can't even tell you.

What did you dream about last?
Haha, interesting you'd ask that now! I can actually remember it; and it was so annoying because as I was dreaming I said oh I must write this down because this would make a best-selling novel and NOW I HAVE NO CLUE. So in the dream this guy I know was telling me and some other kids at youth group about a book he had written; and he was telling the story and it was really good - and then in the dream I thought 'I wish I'd thought of that' and then I guess I woke up very briefly because I remember thinking, 'oh good it was a dream, so I can use that story and pretend it was my idea.' BUT NOW I FORGOT. *le sigh*

If you had to drink one drink for the rest of your life (not water), and it had no consequences (like, you wouldn't get super sick, or die, or anything like that) what would it be?
Um um watery juice. Closest to water. :-P #ididn'tcheat

What color are the walls in your room?
Two are white, two are 'mature pink' as Emma calls it. (Sorta vintagey 'old' pink.)

Describe the character you last wrote about.
I am a TERRIBLE writer. I haven't written in ages. I can't even remember who was the last one. I know, be disappointed with me. I deserve it. :-P

(this picture makes me want to write though.)

Describe your eyes without naming the color (more of demands, but whatever)
It's okay, I take demands. I like them. MY EYES: The colour of olives with some pond-water-colour smatters with some smidges of browney moss and something in it that makes them slightly bright. (Someone complemented me on my eyes the other day. He just went, "Oh! But you have beautiful eyes!" :-P) (But then he said he guessed I was 13. And I'm 18. Like, sir, I thought I liked you.) (It's ok. That means he was honest with the eye complement.)

What is the last surprising thing you found randomly?
Your questions are great! :-) I found a song called 'It's not the end' randomly on Spotify and it so gorgeous. (It's by Owl City; and probably my favourite OC song.)

Who is the last person you talked to?
My beautiful and adorable little sister and room-mate Tabitha.

Who was the last person you argued with?
One of my brothers shush let's not open a can of worms. :-P

What was the last thing you ate that was gross?
Some black stuff that was kind of sweet and they put it on a sandwich with cheese and ham? No! (Was it marmite? If it was I 100% understand why so many people dislike it. I managed to put the sandwich in a bin without anyone noticing.)

If you lived in a world where all fictional characters were real, and your job was Matchmaker, who would you pair up and why?
I know you suggested to pick three couples, but just doing one is hard enough so I'm going to do one. (It's hard to find single fictional characters haha.) I want to find a good guy for Una Meredith in Rilla of Ingleside - maybe a guy who has also experienced loss. Any ideas? Matchmakers?

Hannah S. asked...

What do you like to drink while you read?
I find it hard to consume stuff whilst simultaneously reading and consuming words and stories. But I guess a glass of water isn't very distracting. I can do that.

What is your favourite ice cream?
I love mango ice cream. You should try it.

If you could have a holiday in any of your favourite books, where would it be?
Prince Edwards Islands. :-)

What is your favourite eye colour on other people?
I really can't answer them. There's those amazingly crystal clear blue light eyes, those swoony gorgeous chocolate-dark eyes, those grey kind, kind eyes that sometimes have this sassy surprise snap. I love loads of eye colours. :-)

What new movie would you love to see?
Dunkirk. (And that movie you mentioned 'This Beautiful Fantastic' sounds really good too!)

Miss Woodhouse asked...

Which one of your story characters is your most favourite and why? What are his or her's best qualities?
I love my protagonist, Amy Stubbins - she's strong, refuses to give up (I give her a lot of trials, that's for sure) and she's also courageous, but she's also not superwoman. She has melt-downs and she gets jealous and she dispairs and she gets tired and emotional. I really love her. Man, I should get back to writing her story. It's been a while.)

If you had to live in any time period of your choice (excepting modern day) which would you choose and why?
I'd chose the 50's. Maybe I've been watching too much Call the Midwife.

What song have you been playing over and over again lately without getting tired of it?
Better Together by Jack Johnson and It's not the End by Owl City.

Who are your most favorite period drama couples (choose at least three)?
1. Emma and Knightley (Emma 2009) (They're my laptop background screen at the moment. THESE TWO.)
2. Minnie and Alfie (Lark Rise to Candleford) (the cuuutest.) (ever.)
3. Matthew and Mary. (Downton Abbey) (GAH.)

Where do you get most if your clothes from? Hand-me-downs, Thrift store, clothing store?
I get a lot from people; I buy some - I wish I bought more at thrift stores, but we only have like one here and I don't go there much. Belgium doesn't do good with thrift stores.

Brittany B. asked...

If you could live and marry any character from any book/show, who and what show would it be and why?
BUT THEY ALL HAVE SOMEONE. I don't know. (Oh I KNOW. A NEWSIE. Give me a Newsie. From the Broadway show. Maybe Racetrack after someone's tamed him down. Or Davey. OR SPOT. Or Jack if he breaks up with - no he won't never mind.) 
(Right Natalie? ;-))

What author would you read forever if someone gave you a million dollars? (or a billon....)
Why do you need loads of money for this? I mean, I'd love to own the copies of all the Lynn Austin books, but I have almost all of them already. (I'll always read her books though. Even though they might get cheesier and cheesier.)

Any book or movie you haven't read/seen yet but really want to?
Yes, I really want to watch 'A light between the Oceans' and 'Brooklyn.' Especially Brooklyn.

Zane Jones asked:

What is your favorite L.M. Montgomery book?
Rilla of Ingleside -- LOVE that book TO BITS. (Have you read it? Ya should ya should.)

Favorite L.M. Montgomery character?
Walter Blythe. *sobs*

What advice would you give to new bloggers?
Aw, I feel honoured that people ask me for advice. My advice would be to only write about what you enjoy writing about. Don't write about 'what most bloggers write about' but don't also NOT write about something because 'most bloggers do that.' :-P

Have you read the Chronicles of Narnia and what do you think of them?
... ahem. You must be new here. :-) No, I'm just kidding. I have read the two first and they are really really well written and well crafted. I really enjoyed The Magicians Nephew and I love C.S.Lewis (who doesn't?) - but I'm not really one for the fantasy fiction genre.

Which of the Chronicles of Narnia is your favorite?
The Magicians Nephew.

Do you prefer texting/emailing or real letters?
I like both - letters are more special, but I would lie if I said I don't use email and texting a lot. I'm super grateful for internet communication.

Mira Elisabeth asked...

Do you know your Meyers Briggs personality type? What is it?
I've been different ones, but the last two times I did it, I was 'The Protagonist' - so ENFJ. (Apparently the same as Elisabeth Bennet. What an honour! :-))

Are you usually early or late?
Always early. I hate arriving to places late.

If you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

What is the most annoying question people ask you?
Because I'm homeschooled; any question about how I make friends or if I have friends. :-P Because I have a lot of siblings, some kind of question about if my parents will get another one. (So. Annoying.)

What is the best compliment you have ever received?
Someone at youth group said she wishes I were her sister. THAT WAS SO SWEET. 

Evangeline asked..

What is your favourite Anthem you've sung in choir? Favourite motet?
I don't know about motets. (I don't even know what that is haha.) I like that Anthem you shared with me - Thou Visitest the Earth!

Favourite Bible verse?
I'll share one of my favourites. ;-) (Ya see, this is hard.) "When times are good, be happy. But when times are good, remember: the Lord made the one as well as the other." - someplace in Ecclesiastes, a book that I LOVE.

Favourite minor character pairing in Downton Abbey? 
Ohh nice question. I love Daisy and Andy a lot.

Meredith asked...

What is something you love because of nostalgic value but would otherwise likely hate?
That's an interesting question! I'm trying to think of an answer. However, I find nothing in my brain. There probably is something though.

Which fictional character makes you the angriest? 
That annoying annoying lady in The Help. I'm reading that book now and IT'S SO GOOD but man that Mrs Hilly or whatever her name is gets my goat. (Or the creepy villain in Little Dorrit. Oh there's loads of annoying fictional characters haha.)

What is a book/movie many of your friends like but you refuse to try? 
Star Wars. haha. :-)

What is your least favorite color?
On me to wear, mint-green. I look bad in it. Generally, hot pink. Ew. (Also it's favouUrite and coloUr. :-P)

*looks at clock*

Oh my IT IS SO LATE I MUST DASH OFF RIGHT NOW. (Hope you enjoyed this though. Thank you for all the questions. You asked some real good ones this year. Love you and good night! x)

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Ask Me Anything

I do an Ask Me Anything annually. So here I am again.

If you have no questions, don't feel obliged to search your brain frantically to find one, but if you do happen to have one or two (or thirty four) questions you'd like to see answered in a long Answer post, do go to the comment section and ask away!

(I watched the 100 foot Journey yesterday evening whilst curled in my bed and I LOVED it. Thus the picture.)

Monday, 31 July 2017

4 fictional characters that may have like 2 things in common with me.

First, here are three random facts I want to share with you: 1. I discovered Jack Johnson yesterday on Spotify and I just love his songs. Better Together is my favourite and I want to dance to it on my potential future wedding because I love it that much right now. 2. My grandma is friends with the film producer of Sherlock. (No seriously.) So my grandma practically hangs out with Benedict Cumberbatch. Guys, beat me. My grandma is the coolest. 3. I was in Scotland for a grand 15 minutes on Saturday. I walked in Glasgow and spotted four men in kilts. I have no pictures to prove it, so you'll have to rely on my word.

(Two sisters. Two very different personalities. I seem to be an odd mixture of both. Although I think more Elinor.)

My dear friend Eva tagged me with the four fictional characters tag (thank you!) and I've been wanting to do this thing for a while now, so here I am. Here I am, I hasten to add, before I start another busy week - this time less merrily occupied; replace spending time with fun-loving Christians with cleaning tables and emptying plates of breakfast in an old people's home - life is life, I shall refuse to complain! - I don't even know what this sentence is; let's just do the merry old tag, shall we. (I don't know why I say 'we' when I am writing this alone. You should not get any of the credit! :-P)

Okay, I thought this would be an easy job, but finding four characters that 'are very much like myself' is no easy feat for me. I told you in this blog post, I am a confusing human being. Extroverted one week; relishing in silence and just-me-and-wifi-and-notebooks-and-my-Bible-in-bed the other. Fond of poetical metaphors and nostalgic whimsies one week, mocking them in a Marilla-Cuthbert-no-nonsense-fiddlesticks way the other. However, of course, some things are generally and all-around Naomi traits (even though even those can differ and disappear for an odd hour or two), so okay. I'll try. But bear with me. I'll probably read this again next week and be like meh NO. :-P

Number Uno! The first that came to mind, in fact...

Jerusha Abbott in Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster

I remember when I read this first I was 100% sure I had found my fictional twin. Of course, Judy is way cooler than I'll ever be and her letters are way more entertaining than mine will ever be, but yah, we doodle odd stuff and we pop random thoughts in random places and we like reading and stuff. Just yeah, she reminds me of me. She's quirky and I want to be quirky. (She probably reminds me of the me I wish I was.)

Secondly, the gal I see myself in muchly is, and has to be, the main character from Lynn Austin's Wonderland Creek. There's reasons my blog is named so, after all.

Alice Grace Ripley from Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin

We're both book lovers. (Although, I have to be honest! I haven't been reading much lately. Eh. I still love it though, okay.) We're both not exactly animal people. We both love the idea of adventure but when it comes to sitting on a horse eh nope that's disgusting no. We both like a bath. We both love seeing people happy. Just... Alice and I are two of the same kind of peas in the same kind of pods. (Only, I'm not blonde. Although I was as a 3-year-old. There's a little tidbit about me.)

Thirdly, my friends, I must slight Celia Garth by suggesting that we have some common traits.

Celia Garth in Celia Garth by Gwen Bristow

I MUST REREAD THIS; it's been way too long, but one thing I can remember is that I wished I was like Celia Garth. Well, I'll never be like Celia Garth. But maybe we have some things in common - maybe the sense of humour, the love of being teased. Also, the things she thinks and says I really, really relate to. Maybe in a wishful way. I don't know. I'm adding her to this list anyways. I flatter myself.

And fourthly, and this is the one I had to brainstorm for for ages - I thought of Elizabeth Bennet (but I'd never go for a quiet guy and oh, I wish I was as well-spoken as Lizzy!) - I thought of Anne Shirley (but I don't talk that much and I'm not that poetical sorry) - I thought of every Montgomery heroine because I feel like I relate to ALL of them - and then I thought, well let's just be boring and go with Jo March because I like writing and... yeah, I like reading. (Lame.)

No. That will not do. I must be original.

Valancy Snaith/Stirling in The Blue Castle by Lucy Maud Montgomery

I alllmost did Rilla of Ingleside but I think I just did that because that book just wrenches the life outta me (I don't relate to Rilla that much actually), but you know what Valancy and I like the same guy. Barney. Kay, enough. (Also, we appreciate nice clothes and quirky outings and views and cosy houses. And we both enjoy a good joke and a tease. I think this gives us enough in common.) (Of course, our situations are very different, so it's hard to weigh.)



This'll have to do. (Maybe I should have said Elizabeth Bennet. We do have the same personality type, according to the Meyes-Briggs Personality test.) (Never mind.)

For those of you who know me better, do you think I chose a good sample of characters to represent me? Who would you have picked? Also. How are you doing, my friends? Tell me something about life. It's so funny, when you grow up, life seems to get harder and harder and better and better. That's because life is super super complex and every day we learn something more about its complex-ness. There, was was your philosophy session.

(Should I tag people? Okay, I tag any of my readers that I've met in real life and that have a blog. Emma, Sadie, Hannah... that's bout it, I think. (And you, Sarah, if you've got your blog yet!))

PS!! Oh, I just thought of a character that I relate to so much! Barbara in Call the Midwife. (Too late. Let's just click publish.)

Saturday, 29 July 2017

oh, the people you meet.

That girl who looked like Angelina Jolie and always wore cute necklaces and sandals.
The lady who came to me during worship crying out 'hallelujah'.
The adorable girl who lost her voice and who thought that art museum was as boring as I thought it was.
Sarah, who grew up with Laura Ingalls and Anne Shirley and yeah why does she live in Texas.
The blonde gal with the colourful laugh and big love for Princess Diaries.
Two hardworking, kind german lads who make two amazing friends and I miss them.
That man who went barefoot or flipflopfoot in the cold and the rain. 
The 18-year-old called Charity Priscilla Charlotte who I bonded with instantly cuz we like clothes and chocolate.
The amazing, wisdom-filled young lady I prayed with and will never forget.
That girl with braids reaching her mid-thighs.
Two sisters from Aberdeen with cute smiles.
The guy who automatically speaks French to everyone because he wants to learn it.
His wife, who used to run a photographer business and is so cool and artsy.
Their baby boy called Levi who looks like a baby version of the singer in La La Land.
The Flemish preacher who wears checked shirts and uses snapchat like a teen.
The beautiful girl from Atlanta who's going to make the best primary teacher.
The red-head girl who never eats veggies and has a tattoo on her foot.
Those two girls from Holland called Naomi and Hanna who, as it turned out, we have mutual friends. It's a small world.
Rachael, who is the queen of dungarees and who says 'amazing' a lot and sometimes randomly hiccoughs.
The theology student with whom it's easy as a snap to delve into a deep conversation with.
The three guys I beat at the card game Nerves twice. It was great to beat them.
The girl with the cute northern British accent and quirky style I went hiking with.

These past two weeks have been crammed with amazing people. I love them and I miss them. And I love that literally the only thing these guys have in common is that they love Jesus. Gah, it gives me chills - so many different people from different places and with different faces... all brothers and sisters in Christ. All bonded in a deep way no-one can really explain.

Kay bye. (I urgently need sleep.)

Friday, 21 July 2017

This blog post is gonna be fun.

I've been getting a LOT of spam comments recently. UGH. Here's me having fun and responding to them. (Respond as in Roast.)

This blog was... how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found something which helped me. Thanks a lot!

This comment was... how do I say it? ANNOYING!!! Thanks a lot, spam comment.

Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images on this blog loading? I'm trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it's the blog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hmmm is anyone else having problems with spam comments? I'm trying to determine things. (The funny thing is that this spam comment was on the P&P05 blog post. As if people are going to start a comment chain on images loading while there's lengthy, interesting discussions on which Pride and Prejudice version is ultimately superior. :-)

Wow, superb blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is great, as well as the content!

Aw thanks, spam comment. I have been blogging for three years. Blogging is quite easy; just write random trash and publish it. Tada. But thanks. (Again, this comment was on the P&P05 post. Meaning spam comments have opinions on P&P?)

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Apparently I speak Spanish. Or whatever that was. (I just Google Translate-d it, and it was Portuguese and it said that he just found a site which had all the information he needed answered all his questions. This guy probably wasn't very well informed on Jane Austen and Downton Abbey. Glad to be of help, Portuguese person. Although if my blog was that useful it implies you speak English in which case why on earth did you decide the wisest thing to do would be to comment in Portuguese?) (Huh?)

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SHUT UP. LIKE WOW. JUST GO. The door is over there. (I'm assisting your son? I give helpful tips that many men and women may have been trying to sell? Chris rounded up his inquiry with the precious recommendations hee (HEE?!) (He.) grabbed through my web site? Your spouse and you got quite thankful? LEAVE THE ROOM. You are such a ungenuine little liar.

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The Porgtueese person comments again I see. This time saying (thanks google translate) that he has 'bookmarked my blog for later'. Glad to hear it, son, glad to hear it.

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OKAY now I'm sick of you. LEAVE.

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Hi kavin. It's your first time commenting anywhere? Ha. Ha. Ha. Good try. I don't believe you. (And no, you don't create comments. You write comments.) (And it's not an article. It's a blog post.) (You thought wrongly, kavin.) (Did you misspell your own name? I would not be surprised.)

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Best of luck gaining knowledge. (Why early hours in the morning? That does not make me go like, 'ohh that's a nicer spam comment than the rest of them.')

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No, I am not clicking that URL. And no, you do not visit this web site every weekend. Glad the feelings are mutual. Liar.

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Again, I am not clicking that URL. (I couldn't refrain from telling you that.)

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NO I AM NOT CLICKING THE URL. You're gonna watch out for brussels?! What on earth do you mean with that? (I will be grateful if you don't continue these comments in the future. Thx.)

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I don't care about cheap china jerseys. That is literally the last thing I would want right now.

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No. I have not ever considered that. And my posts do have images. Are you blind? (Or do the images not load for you either? Are you the same dude as the the-images-aren't-loading-guy?)

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It's just you and no, no-one will comment and let you know. Lol.

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This comment was on a 'If Period Drama Characters had internet Bios' post. 'Thanks for the advice'?!? What advice? (I absolutely think this website needs less attention. From spammers like yourself.)

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The conclusion is that spam comments are annoying. I am sure concerning the supply. (And you commented on a very random post so what do you mean with 'this topic'; that post literally had 10 'topics.')

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Oh, it's you again. GO. AWAY. (You just copy and paste this comment everywhere, don't you.)

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The last thing I write about on here is diet programs. Just go.

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You just asked the author of a blog whether she visits her blog regularly because it would make a 'pleasant experience.' I know. The blog is mine. :-P (No offence, dear sir comment, but clever you are not.) (And no, saying 'dear' does not make me go like, 'aww that's so sweet.')

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